Doors & Access Hardware

Archer is a sub-division of Arkansas Automatic Doors, Inc. Therefore we understand that secure and effective access control is comprised of two parts.  First, the monitoring of all your access points and second, the hardware that makes up those access points. If you are not using top quality hardware, you are only half protected. That is why Archer only carries the very best door products on the market today.

Archer Integrated Systems is here to help you with materials, sensors, and door styles to fit your requirement and aesthetic needs. Whether those needs are residential or commercial,  manual, automatic, or sliding door hardware, we have what you need. We’ll also evaluate the levels of security and noise appropriate for your facility.

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Preventative Door Maintenance

Even cutting-edge hardware can only stay in quality condition if it’s being taken care of. In today’s fast pace world you have too much on your hands to ensure your security hardware is up-to-date. We can schedule inspections to clean, tighten, and maintain your door and access hardware. Contact us today for more information.


One of the biggest differences between us and the other guys is our dedication to cutting-edge, top tier products. We use only the best products on the market today. That is why we carry and install products manufactured by top of the line manufacturing companies, such as; BEA, Inc., Besam, Horton Automatics, NABCO and Quad Systems, LLC.  Please visit our Automatic Door Products Page for a complete listing of our Automatic Door line.

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