Revolving doors perform the same function of typical vestibule applications but require less space. They are energy efficient minimizing the amount of air escaping your building. Not only do they have a dramatic architectural appeal, but they also have the ability to effectively move a steady flow of pedestrian traffic. Available in variety of options to meet your every need.


AutoFlow, MiniGrand and Grand automatic door systems are ideal for heavy traffic with energy savings in mind. Available in center shaft or center core vestibule design configurations. Smooth and continuous rotation.

Manual:  EasyFlow and ClearFlow

EasyFlow™ Manual 9000 Series: low cost energy efficient alternative to an automatic revolving door system. Available in center shaft vestibule design with segmented or round canopy designs.

ClearFlow™ All-Glass Series: designed for accentuating high volume traffic applications. Built with center point design. Ideal for accentuating inner beauty of a building.


Versatile to handle standard to high security applications. Available security options include anti-piggyback, anti-tailgate and matless configurations.


Proud to carry cutting-edge products from manufacturers such as; BEA, Inc., Besam, Horton Automatics, NABCO and Quad Systems, LLC. Please visit our Automatic Door Products Page for a complete listing of our Automatic Door line.