Adjustable opening and closing speeds
Adjustable time delay closing (2-30 seconds)
Push-N-Go activation
SoftTouch safety feature reverses a closing door
Obstruction sensing reduces opening speed with obstructed

Swinging Doors

Require 90+ inches of space to accommodate guide rails and safety zones. This is a requirement of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). They also provide an accessible entrance meeting the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Bi-fold Doors

Provide maximum opening using the least space. This reduces the amount of floor space required.

Swinging/Folding Door Systems

ADA Low Energy & Full Power Swing

We offer a wide range of low energy swing doors for ADA compliance, as well as full power swing doors for heavy traffic applications: inswing, outswing, left or right handed. Compatible with all electrical or mechanical hardware.

Heavy Duty Swing & Manual Swing

Designed demanding applications. Multiple configurations available: overhead concealed and surface applied mounting with choice of inswing, outswing, and parallel inswing configurations.

Fire Door Swing Operators

Automatic swing door operators for fire door systems in single or pair configurations.

In-Ground Operator

Automatic swing door operator with floor mounted configuration.

Smoke-Rated Swing ICU

We carry manual swing doors in equal, unequal, and pair configurations. Available in rough opening sizes ranging from 39½” to 99½” with up to 91″ of clear opening area. Paintable and available with mini-blind glass and/or fire-rated panel options.

Smoke-Rated Acoustic STC-35 ICU

The new Smoke-Rated Acoustic STC-35 ICU Swing™ Door is the first door designed to meet the stringent demands of hospital applications. Intended primarily for interior use in the ICU and CCU, the STC-35 manual swing door features wide glass panels for unobstructed viewing of patients.

The STC-35 rated door assemblies feature hollow aluminum extruded material filled with 0.5” sponge rubber for effective sound absorption. These manual swing doors are available with a clear or dark bronze anodized finish for added protection and style. Special finishing options are available.

Bi-Fold/Bi-Swing ICU

Allows for normal two-way traffic using swing door with adjacent folding door. Provides multiple options of use: large clear openings up to 83 inches, openings ranging from s6-8′. Comes standard with low profile header.

Restroom Swing Operators

Ideal for building restrooms. Single and pair systems available with choice of inswing, outswing, and parallel inswing configurations.

Folding Access Door Systems

Used in corridor applications. Multiple configurations available including fold-in and fold-out. Magnetic locks also available with fold-out option.


Proud to carry cutting-edge products from manufacturers such as; BEA, Inc., Besam, Horton Automatics, NABCO and Quad Systems, LLC. Please visit our Automatic Door Products Page for a complete listing of our Automatic Door line.