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Monitoring & Surveillance

As an Authorized Honeywell dealer, we have the right product for you. Whether you are interested in residential or business security systems, Archer Integrated has what it takes to get the job done. With Archer, you have the ability to keep your home or business safer than ever, and a live look is never more than a click or tap away. From your computer, smartphone, or tablet, you have unfettered access at your fingertips.

Realtime Monitoring

Whether you’re looking for the ability to monitor via video surveillance, or you want the ability to monitor access points from your smartphone or computer, we’ve got you covered. With Archer a live look at your home or business is never more than a click or a tap away.

Live App Control


When folks say ‘there’s an app for everything,’ they aren’t leaving security out. Believe it or not, your security system can include the ability to lock doors remotely and monitor live video feeds. You have remote access from any device including your smartphone.


I-View Now

Archer Integrated Systems now offers I-View Now, a Video Verification system that pairs the security system signals with video clips of what caused the alarm. The video verifies the alarm during the security dispatch process, resulting in fewer false alarms and faster response times.  Contact Us for more information on I-View Now.

Security Systems

You don’t want to be one of the families or businesses who choose the cheapest security system available, then forget about it. This approach makes you, your family and/or business extremely susceptible to crime.

We are an authorized Honeywell Distributor allowing us to provide you with cutting-edge products. Our services are custom tailored to your specific needs. Contact Us or visit our Security System product page for or more information.

Custom Automation Features

Honeywell uses the latest technology in the security sector. These products are highly customizable and incorporate cutting-edge features.

Real-Time Alerts
  1. Receive notifications if your security alarm goes off
  2. Receive notifications when your children or employee opens or closes your place of business
  3. Notified who arms and disarms your system and when
Live Video
  1. Real-time video from up to six cameras at a time from your computer or Web-enabled device
  2. Set custom video alerts
  3. Record two-minute loop from your camera, so you can capture any activity
Smart Scenes

Schedule certain automation features to trigger at certain times throughout the day.

  1. Lock doors, close window shades, turn off lights and fans, and arm security system at a certain time
  2. Set thermostat for certain temperature during specific times
GPS Vehicle and Asset Tracking

Track your vehicles to keep tabs on family members or employees. Vehicle GPS trackers also come in handy should your vehicle ever be stolen.

  1. Set custom speed alerts on your smartphone
  2. Set custom alerts for specific prohibited geographic areas
  3. GPS tracking can also be used for valuables


Whether or  not you choose to enhance your home or business security
with automation features will depend on your specific needs, lifestyle, and budget.

Contact Us for a free consultation.

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